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Shields MRI at Emerson Hospital

Shields Imaging and Emerson Hospital have joined together to bring highest quality MRI services to our communities of Concord and Westford.

Our two locations both offer 1.5T high-field MRI machines for exceptional image accuracy, including a wide, open-bore option at our hospital in Concord.  From diagnosis, to treatment, to recovery, we work with your medical team to quickly and accurately provide the right care—without ever forgetting personal needs.

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What to Expect

Top technology, expert care, rapid results: from the most complex diagnosis to a routine exam, more patients across New England trust Shields for their MRI.

1.5T high-field MRI machines

Our high-strength 1.5T MRI machines are the gold standard for imaging today, providing the accuracy needed for the right diagnosis. Our systems can accommodate 350- 500 lbs and our wide, open-bore option at our hospital campus adds more headroom for maximum comfort. For more information about our MRI machines, click HERE.

EXPERT, compassionate CARE

Emerson radiologists are highly skilled with multiple certifications in sub-specialties. Shields’ team of dedicated technologists and medical staff are renowned for their professional expertise and commitment to patient care. Together, we are wholly dedicated to performing the best imaging exams while keeping patients comfortable and relaxed.

rapid results

Our doctors and staff know the importance of scheduling an appointment quickly and offer same-day or next-day appointments. Your images and reports are delivered electronically to your physician, and we work as a team to accurately address your immediate medical requirements. For information on Shields Express Link, our electronic results portal for physicians and patients, click HERE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do not delay care if you need it! Many new policies are in place to ensure your health and safety when you come to our facility during the pandemic. While you will notice some differences, such as all staff and visitors wearing masks, we continue to provide advanced medical care with a compassionate touch. Please click HERE to read about specific measures for your MRI scan. 

Shields Imaging at Emerson Hospital offers two locations in Massachusetts. Our hospital-based location is in Concord at Emerson Hospital. Our outpatient location is in Westford at Emerson Hospital Health Center

A referral to Shields MRI is as easy as telling your doctor. Request that your imaging take place at Shields MRI at Emerson Hospital, select the center of your choice, and your doctor can complete a referral form and fax or email it to Shields directly. We also accept telehealth orders via email. For more information about our easy scheduling process, click HERE.

If you have questions, or need assistance, please call our Customer Care department at 1-800-258-4674.

YES! Shields secure patient portal, Shields Express Link, is accessible on the homepage of In just three easy steps, you have access to your report and images as early as 48 hours after your report is read. It's important to note that your referring physician may have information to share with you about your MRI results and you should contact them to discuss your findings and to schedule your follow up.  

For more information about Shields Express Link, click HERE

Yes! We offer a wide, open-bore MRI option at our hospital-campus location in Concord.  This MRI machine has a 70 centimeter opening, which provides the most headroom available for an MRI machine. This MRI machine is not open on three-sides. To learn about the benefits of a high-strength, 70 cm, open-bore MRI, click HERE and watch the video below. 

How to Prepare

Most MRI scans require little advance preparation, but a few things can help assure your comfort and safety in the MRI environment. The information below is just an overview and more preparation specific to your MRI exam will be provided by Shields prior to your appointment.

We ask all patients to change into a hospital gown for their MRI.

MRI doesn’t expose patients to any form of ionizing radiation, radioactive materials or X-ray.

Please plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Our cubside check-in feature will communicate with you by text about your appointment.

You may wear earplugs or listen to music during your exam if you wish.

Most MRI exams last 20 to 40 minutes, although compound studies last up to an hour. After your MRI, you may return home or to work.

Our Open-bore MRI

Hear our technologist review the benefits of our 1.5T open-bore MRI.

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