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Dr. David Titelbaum who specializes in mpMRI, discusses what makes this imaging modality unique.

Multiparametric Prostate MRI

More urologists are integrating multiparametric prostate MRI in their evaluation of patients who potentially have prostate cancer because of the ability to identify cancers that often get missed otherwise.

Beyond the evaluation of the prostate, if a tumor is identified, MRI is able to guide the urologist to target those specific areas to biopsy them correctly. Multiparametric MRI greatly increases accuracy and ultimately improves patient care.

The Benefits of Multiparametric MRI

Multi-parametric prostate MRI (mpMRI) greatly improves the accuracy of the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer. Compared with alternative tests that can be intrusive and painful, mpMRI is a standard MRI that requires no endorectal coil. The improved accuracy of tumor detection also potentially reduces the number of biopsies needed.

Early detection of prostate cancer.

mpMRI offers extremely targeted biopsies that increase the biopsy yield and create a more accurate sampling of pathology, ultimately aiding in the early detection of significant prostate cancer. It is particularly beneficial in detecting tumors when used as a subsequent screening test in patients with rising PSA and prior negative biopsy.

Improving the accuracy of biopsy.

Sophisticated fusion technology combines ultrasound with MRI to improve pre-biopsy location. The inclusion of mpMRI not only detects more significant cancers but avoids biopsy in insignificant cancers.

Planning surgery and radiotherapy.

By clearly defining tumor location, multi-parametric MRI allows more accurate tumor staging, which is integral to treatment planning and dosage of radiotherapy.

Dr. David Titelbaum discusses the benefits of mpMRI for detection of prostate cancer and for ultrasound guided biopsies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • - No biopsy but an elevated PSA
  • - Elevated or rising PSA with negative biopsy
  • - Elevated PSA, prior to biopsy
  • - Assessment for appropriateness for active surveillance following low grade disease on biopsy, by screening for higher grade lesions that may not have been sampled at biopsy
  • - Tumor staging
  • - Assessment for recurrent disease

On your order form, simply indicate prostate MRI. We do request you include the patients last PSA scores. 


  • 72197 (with and without contrast-gado)
  • 76377 (for 3-D post-processing)


CT scan doesn’t have contrast resolution that allows for detection of small cancers and assessment of potentially higher grade cancers. Likewise, ultrasound doesn’t have resolution to assess for higher grade cancers and for staging. MRI provides the resolution needed to detect the smallest tumor and provide the appropriate assessment. 

Both the 1.5T and 3T provide exceptional detail and high-resolution MRI images. Many urologists prefer the 3T because it is higher strength, but it is urologist preference. 

Our radiologists recommend a HIGH-FIELD MRI, meaning the strength should not be lower than a 1.5T or the gold standard for imaging today. It is not recommended to have a prostate scan on a 1.2T as the lower strength cannot provide the level of detail that a high-field MRI can. 

The evaluation of the prostate doesn't end with the MRI scan. If a cancer is identified that needs to be biopsied, Shields can actually highlight that area on MRI and work with urologists at facilities that have MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy systems. These systems take the MRI images and fuse those with ultrasound images, in real time while the patient is on the ultrasound guided biopsy  table. The urologist can then target that lesion in real time and space and have a much greater accuracy of targeting that lesion. Ultimately this provides  a much higher yield for identifying clinically significant cancers and is a significant added value for the patient and the urologist. 

For a urologists perspective, read our Q&A with Dr. Michael Curran of Greater Boston Urology.  

Procedure information

Compared to alternative tests that can be intrusive and painful, mpMRI is a standard MRI that requires no endorectal coil. The improved accuracy of tumor detection also potentially reduces the number of unnecessary biopsies needed.

Standard as with any MRI with/without contrast

Men with contraindication to gadolinium can still undergo mpMRI

If patient has been recently biopsied, six-week interval post-biopsy is optimal for multi-parametric prostate MRI; alternatively, MRI can be performed prior to biopsy

Endorectal coil is not necessary for the exam

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Listen to Bill Waelan's story of how an mpMRI at Shields may have saved his life.

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